Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Episode-3 Jether And Tech Boy Talk Nerd

In this day and age tech seems to be the template for advancement but many people are having issues with the basics of everyday life. Many people seem to be having issues with various phones. Is this “real” tech issues or user issues? Jamal the Tech Boy & Jether Blaise talk cyber securty, Tesla, hacking and much more. 

Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up
Google Pixel 2 | Ask more of your phone

Elon Musk's giant lithium ion battery completed by Tesla in SA's Mid North

Tesla creates world’s fastet electric car

Hacking Cars


Wpa2 security flaw

Cyber Security Training

Bug finders


ransomware as a service

ddos as a service

Marvel’s Infinity War Trailer Jeteher’s Reaction

Marvel’s Infinity War Trailer Tech Boy’s Reaction
Follow the Flagship.
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